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^^How many times have you uttered some variation of this sentence? My guess - too many to count.

Here’s the hard truth: no amount of coffee-fueled late-night hustle will ever free you up to suddenly slow down.

(no matter how many times we tell ourselves that lie)

In the words of my favorite Sweet Magnolias character, “You look a bit buried, boss. Excuse me for saying, but it’s not your best look”. 

“When I finish this project, things will finally slow down.”




You could waste irreplaceable hours patching together freebies to DIY makeshift systems.

You could keep collecting system templates that work for someone, just not for you. 

You could continue wasting time - and money- letting your business run you.

Entrepreneurship Can be overwhelming...

We could turn your crushing workload into simplified workflows and reclaim your time.

We could create processes that maximize the efficiency of your unique work style.

We could systemize your business to run for you, so you can live life on your terms.

... or it can be empowering!

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Client Retention

Just a few results my clients have seen:

  • finally build that course that has been living rent free in the back of your mind
  • upgrade your client experience and reach retention rates up to 50% or higher
  • Save time and money with efficient systems that prioritize your values and your bottom-line 
  • Discover your Unique Efficiency Style and have more control over your time and your business

Let's take back control of your business!

When You're Ready To:

Now, I want the same things for you!

Apply NOW

Have you created systems for your business that once saved you a ton of time but are now about as helpful as VHS players and floppy disks?

Let’s sit down together and review your systems and processes. We’ll identify where your operations aren't pulling their weight and uncover opportunities to increase your business’s efficiency.

   ✓ Priority booking
   ✓ 60-minute live strategy + Q+A session
   ✓ An actionable plan to maximize efficiency tailored to your needs
   ✓ A video recording of our call to review at your convenience
   ✓ Write-up of all call notes: yours to bleed that highlighter dry on!


Systems Strategy Call

A 60-MINUTE Live Audit + Stratgey Session

"OHHHHH-MYYYYYY-GOSH! I almost passed out! This is exactly what I needed. I Love it."

"THANK YOU THANK YOU! I'm so impressed! I could never organize all the little details the way you did! And the email templates! Literally, that would've taken me like a week to write one, and I would've had 3 meltdowns over it!" -Sophia Rodriguez

Join The Waitlist

Do you need someone who works as fast as she talks to create and implement your workflows, write your client experience emails, or design your funnels... like yesterday?

Double down on your admin day - just this once. While you work inside your zone of genius, I'll work to create workflows and processes that save you boatloads of time.

   ✓ 8 hours of my complete undivided attention on your business
   ✓ Plan of action prioritizing your business's immediate needs
   ✓ A video recording of our end-of-the-day training call.
   ✓ Checklist of next steps - to make the most of the work completed


One Day System Refresh

Book My brain for a whole day

"WORTH. 👏 EVERY. 👏 PENNY. 👏 She cultivated the perfect systems For each service."

"I felt so comfortable with Shawnee that I could confidently let go (as a Type A perfectionist, I struggle with this) and let her handle my systems, knowing I'd end up with a finished product that makes my life easier." -Brianna Johns de Moll

Join The Waitlist

Are you just starting out, needing to revamp a neglected course, or frustrated by your low completion rates and even lower engagement?

Together we will create a crave-worthy course that delivers results for your students, and passive income for you. With seamless delivery, support, and background systems you’ll have all your bases covered!

   ✓ A complete systemization audit
   ✓ Systems to monitor progress, track enrollment, and retain students
   ✓ Delivery and design guidance and implementation
   ✓ Templates for all of your hands-on tasks and automations for the rest
   ✓ Video tutorials, written SOPs & training for everyone on your team


Course Systemization

create, Deliver, and Maintain your course with ease

"Shawnee helped me develop Two courses. I couldn't have done it without her."

"I wanted to take my business to the next level, and Shawnee is why I accomplished that! She encouraged me, laid out a path, and made it all very easy. She is highly organized, creative, and innovative. I highly recommend her." - Rachel Richards

Joiin The Waitlist

By all accounts, your business is successful, and while you are both grateful and proud of your accomplishments, it feels a bit like the business is running you, instead of you running the business.

You have big plans for growth but you are struggling to manage the day-to-day even with a stellar team to support you. You need someone to get down to the nuts and bolts with you, overhaul your current systems, and turn your visions into reality.

   ✓ Monthly 60-minute strategy call
   ✓ A complete audit of your business's systems + team work styles
   ✓ Customized workflows, processes, and procedures
   ✓ Full implementation and automation
   ✓ Video tutorials, written SOPs & training for everyone on your team
   ✓ Ongoing vision implementation + operations reviews


Complete Business Systemization

your new Director of Operations

"Thanks to Shawnee, I was able to confidently take a 4-month maternity leave."

"I have never worked with anyone who can match her attention to detail, care, or focus. She is brilliant at what she does and exceeded all my expectations. All my systems are organised, things are automated, and she has 10xed my productivity." - Aaminah Amin

Finally, in phase 4, we tie everything together with a pretty little (automation) bow: templates and automations to elevate your systems and reduce your team's workload.

Effective Templates + Automations

Step 4

In phase 3, we will create all of your standard operating procedures, set up your software, and implement your workflows. 

Streamlined Workflows + Procedures

Step 3

In phase 2, we will focus on your goals and building systems that help get you there. Then, we will walk through how your new systems will operate and make any necessary tweaks. 

Foundational Blueprint + Strategic Planning

Step 2

In phase 1, we audit not only your business; but the systems and team that make it tick! We are looking for all the ways we optimize your business to save you time and money!

Current Systems Analysis + Work Style Discovery

Step 1

The Exclusive

Systems Process

Client Praise

"I don't have to be constantly scrambling to figure out what comes next, or trying to get bits of information I forgot to collect weeks ago."

"my systems have brought me peace of mind"

Sarah Gershone,
Website Designer

"Shawnee will organize that overwhelming mess inside your head and create a workflow that is infinitely more organized! Don't waste a minute more."

"No more half-baked client experience + workflows."

Rachel Panasiuk,
Website Designer

"I can quickly and efficiently assist clients without a ton of leg work. Shawnee is pleasant, patient, efficient, and enjoyable to work with."

"Do it now. run. don't walk."

Jennifer Torrez,
Virtual Assistant

System strategy is best reserved until you have honed in on your offerings and have a few projects under your belt. I recommend investing at least a year or two into your business— I'd hate for you to invest in something only to have it change soon after!

I specialize in service-based businesses and, as such, would not be able to provide the same value to product-based companies. 

Who are your services not the best fit for?

  • ClickUp
  • HoneyBook
  • Flodesk
  • Trello
  • Asana
  • 17Hats
  • Dubsado
  • Active Campaign
  • Slack
  • MailChimp
  • Zapier
  • Calendly
  • Kajabi
...and many more.

What software do you work with?

Before our project begins, you will receive a timeline published to your client portal. From this timeline, you will be able to schedule, in advance, when assets are delivered to you for review and any necessary meetings. I only ask that you kindly review your assets, once delivered, within 2 business days so we can get you less busy ASAP. In addition to any time in review, you can expect to spend 1-2 hours completing prerequisite work and 1 hour on our strategy call, then that's it. I'll handle the rest.

I'm super busy! How much time do I need to invest in this?

Systems are not a one-size-fits-all solution (and really, what is?). Every one of us functions differently or values different features. But, regardless of our diverse work styles, we're all most efficient (and effective) when we embrace our unique strengths and find systems that work for us; instead of forcing ourselves to be something we aren't. SRC celebrates differences!

Why do you work with so many different softwares?

Frequently Asked Questions

That's okay too! Let's hop on a call so we can pinpoint where your systems aren't pulling their weight and build you a business that works while you rest!

not really sure

What you need?