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Because here's the deal...

When you started your entrepreneurial journey, I bet you dreamed of freedom from a mind-numbing 9-5, being your own boss, and living your life by design. But the reality isn't quite living up to the picture you painted in your head.

You deserve days so efficient that the pesky list of incomplete tasks living in the back of your mind ceases to exist.

But I know a day spent creating workflows, back-end systems, and crafting 25+ email templates isn't everyone's idea of a great day…

 ... Luckily, it happens to be mine!

How many irreplaceable moments have passed you by while you were busy overthinking How To

Finish Everything?

Deliver Your Course?

Serve Your Clients?

Run Your Business?

Ditch the stress and work less. You have big plans for your life, and I’m sure they don’t include repetitive, monotonous tasks, so let’s automate them!

Save You 20+ Hours a Month

Let's Get You Systems That Lighten Your Load

...and according to my clients

Let’s discover your Unique Efficiency Style because your time is far too valuable to be wasted. Squandering your precious moments is NOT an option.

Multiply Your Efficiency by 10

Growth doesn’t just happen overnight, and frankly, you can’t get there without a plan - so let’s build you one. One that works! And one that makes life easier along the way!

Make your dreams A reality

“My course had sold out, but I had 0 workflows or organisational practices in place. It honestly would have been a mess from an organisational perspective if I hadn't found her in time!” 


Aaminah Amin
Financial Coach + CEO of Brown Girl Money

When I first met Aaminah, she had already released an Amazon Best Seller and launched her signature course, but she was overworked and overwhelmed. Once we finished her course systemization and elevated her student experience, she was able to take a hands-free 4-month maternity leave! 

What's Changed:

“All my systems are organised, things are automated, and I now know how to run things effectively and keep my students engaged and motivated. Shawnee has 100% 10x'ed my productivity!”


Because of working with shawnee:

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According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, about 60 percent of people estimated they could save six hours or more a week — almost an entire workday — if their repetitive tasks were automated. Let's streamline your systems and unlock more free time to live your life by design.

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If you're ready to ditch the cookie-cutter time management tips that don't work for you; you need the only step-by-step system to confidently harness your Unique Efficiency Style and structure your time to maximize efficiency, profitability, and freedom in your business - and in your life!

Discover Your Focus Formula

Do you miss Oregon Trail?

Choose Your Adventure


Systems as unique as my clients

Do you use software not listed here? That's okay too. I'm always up for a good challenge!

If your systems are on software you haven’t logged into in a month

If your “systems” consist of a paper to-do list + a Google Calendar

If that profile was a better reflection of you than your systems are of your business

Do you have a Mess of cookie-cutter system templates collecting digital dust...

It’s time for an upgrade! I’ll help you develop simplified systems that shrink your to-do list and prioritize the tasks with the highest ROI so you can reclaim your time, energy, and business.

Faster Than Your MySpace Profile?

I create streamlined systems and processes for visionary service providers and course creators that protect and prioritize their time, passion, and values. In a world obsessed with hustle, I believe that while your business is your livelihood, it is only a fraction of your life.

My mission at SRC is to use my passion for systems and love of problem-solving to help as many people as I can; bring joy back into their business and choice back into their lives. 

It's your life; you should get to choose how you spend it!

Hey there, I'm Shawnee

Your Systems Strategist + Operations Consultant

Client Praise

"I wanted to take my business to the next level and Shawnee is why I accomplished that! She truly cares about helping her clients."

"I couldn't have done this without her."

Rachel Richards,

"I don't have to be constantly scrambling to figure out what comes next, or trying to get bits of information I forgot to collect weeks ago."

"my systems have brought me peace of mind"

Sarah Gershone,
Website Designer

"Shawnee will organize that overwhelming mess inside your head and create a workflow that is infinitely more organized! Don't waste a minute more."

"No more half-baked client experience + workflows."

Rachel Panasiuk,
Website Designer