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My mission at SRC is to help as many people as I can; bring joy back into their business and choice back into their lives. 

It's your life; you should get to choose how you spend it!

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Five Automations Every Course Creator Needs

Five Automations Every Course Creator Needs

Reader Question: “I’ve created my course; I’m not worried about that part. But I’m really nervous about the delivery. I need some automations so this doesn’t become a huge time investment on my part. What should I start with?” Read Time: 4 Minutes I’m not sure if it’s the time of the year, or what, […]

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Reader Question: “I’ve created my course; I’m not worried about that part. But I’m really nervous about the delivery. I need some automations so this doesn’t become a huge time investment on my part. What should I start with?”

Five Automations Every Course Creator Needs

Read Time: 4 Minutes

I’m not sure if it’s the time of the year, or what, but I have been getting a LOT of questions about creating courses and how to set up the backend of them 

… and I just have to say YESSSSS! I love this for all of you! 

Courses are such an amazing way to build passive income while purposefully serving your audience with the information they need at a drastically reduced rate compared to done-for-you services. 

I cannot wait to see the course you all create.

And 🤫 don’t tell anyone, but I may or may not, be creating a course of my own. (more on that to come)

You know I am all about helping you discover time freedom through your business and making your business work for you, not the other way around, which is why I have so much love for online courses. 

So let, me shed a little light on the top 5 automations that I recommend every course creator have before launching! These 5 automations alone will save you soooo much time and money – not to mention, headaches. 


Weekly High Five

five automations for course creators chart
Welcome Sequence

Once your students have purchased your course; they will undoubtedly have more questions. I recommend you ease them into the course with at least a 5-day email sequence. Each day should focus on a specific area of information they need to know. 

Student Retention

Listen. The hard truth about courses is you won’t have a 100% retention rate, and a few people are going to forget to make that payment. Nip it in the bud and write that email sequence now to steer them back on track. This takes all of the awkwardness out of the conversation. 

Testimonial Collection

You don’t just want testimonials at the end of a course. You want data to build incredible testimonials throughout the time your students are in the course. This way, you can celebrate their wins with them and not have a mad dash to update your sales funnel right before your next launch.

Sales Funnel

Have this bad boy ready to roll! That way, you can sleep, eat, and shower without a care in the world. It’ll rake in sales for you. Don’t forget to include how you will lead them into the funnel, though. It is useless unless you get eyes on it. 

Bonus Delivery

If you promised them bonuses, you better deliver! Whether they are included in the same platform as the course, mailed to the student directly, or delivered by a third party. You need an automation that will help you collect all necessary information and deliver the bonus seamlessly, without them feeling like you may have forgotten them.

If you are considering creating the next amazing course, please, oh please, make sure you have these automations in place. I cannot even express how quickly they will pay for themselves – in both time and money – 5x over. 

Got a question you need answered? Got a glitch in your systems? A lackluster client experience?  Don’t know which online tool is right for you? 

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- Brianna Johns De Moll,
Web + Brand Designer

"WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. My systems are working flawlessly and saving me so much time and stress. I have a hard time handing over the reins, but with Shawnee I had complete confidence."


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"I wanted to take my business to the next level and Shawnee is why I accomplished that! She truly cares about helping her clients. She has a gift. I could not have done this without her."