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My mission at SRC is to help as many people as I can; bring joy back into their business and choice back into their lives. 

It's your life; you should get to choose how you spend it!

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Top 5 Tips to Battle The Mid-Week Fade

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Reader Question: It’s like I have the weekend on my mind and can’t focus on my work. What can I do to fix it?

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Reader Question: “By Wednesday, I can feel a shift in my energy. It’s like I have the weekend on my mind and can’t focus on my work. What can I do to battle that?”

battling the mid-week fade

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Researchers are at odds. Many declare Monday is the clear winner of the Most Productive Day award, while others swear it’s Tuesday. But Dundie trophies aside (The Office, anyone?), the one thing they all agree on is the productivity decline starts Wednesday morning!

On this journey to entrepreneurial success, crushing your goals, reaching your dreams, and having the time and freedom to enjoy every step along the way: I want to be there to cheer you on and give you some helpful tips and tricks along the way. So in the middle of the week, when your motivation begins to fade, I will be there with encouragement and witty banter!

But, I want this to be a truly invaluable part of your week. I mean: I’m in the business of saving you time, after all! The last thing I want to do is waste it! 

So, I want to extend an exclusive open invitation to get answers to all of your questions:

Top 5 Tips to Battle The Mid-Week Fade

Weekly High Five

Battling the mid-week fade
Trim The Excess

Let’s be honest; not everything we do is worth doing. So, take it off your plate and don’t look back!

Set A Timer

Sometimes all we need is a micro-action to get revved up. Set a 30-minute timer and challenge yourself to see how much you can get done. You might even hit your flow and forget all about the timer!

Take A Break

Did you know the average human brain is most effective when given a short break every 50 minutes? Get up and stretch, take a walk, get some food, and let your brain relax.

End Your Day Early

The average person is only truly productive for approximately three hours a day. If you feel like your brain has checked out on you: let it!

Take A Day Off

Burnout is real, my friends! Don’t be afraid to step away and find a little joy; your business will not burn down in a day! Don’t be afraid to take a day off!

Like I always say, “It’s your life. You should get to choose how you spend it”. If you are having trouble focusing, it could be because you need a break: take it. Maybe you need a shot of creativity to kick start your flow state: get creative! Do whatever it is that works for you.

There is no one-size fits all solution to running a business or being productive. You have to find your Unique Efficiency Style and listen to what your body and your mind are trying to tell you. Being productive for the sake of productivity will only be a waste of time. Step away, get refreshed, and come back ready to work.

- Brianna Johns De Moll,
Web + Brand Designer

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