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Reader Question: “I have ADHD, and I really struggle to stay focused while I work, but I have so much work due this week. Any tips?”

Reader Question: “To kind of piggyback on last week’s question, you said, “Only work when you can work focused” but how do I do that and get everything done?

My Question(s) For You: Do you know what the six essential business systems are? And how does each of your systems stack up?

Reader Question: “I can’t keep doing everything, but I don’t even know how to choose what to hand over. How do I choose what to delegate?” We talk a LOT about automation over here at SRC, but what about those tasks that need somebody with a human touch (channeling my inner Spice Girl). … And […]

Five Tasks to Delegate in Your Small Business

Reader Question:  “As your workflows change, what’s the best way to revamp your systems? Where the heck do I start?! It all feels super overwhelming.”

5 quick steps to refresh your workflows

Reader Question: “I’ve created my course; I’m not worried about that part. But I’m really nervous about the delivery. I need some automations so this doesn’t become a huge time investment on my part. What should I start with?” Read Time: 4 Minutes I’m not sure if it’s the time of the year, or what, […]

Five Automations Every Course Creator Needs

I help freedom-seeking service providers create streamlined systems and embrace their unique efficiency style to cultivate a business that works for them, not the other way around.

My mission at SRC is to help as many people as I can; bring joy back into their business and choice back into their lives. 

It's your life; you should get to choose how you spend it!

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"I wanted to take my business to the next level and Shawnee is why I accomplished that! She truly cares about helping her clients. She has a gift. I could not have done this without her."


"Shawnee has absolutely increased my productivity ten fold. All my emails are organized, things are automated, I’ve gotten so many amazing ideas from her on how to run things effectively"


"My systems have brought me peace of mind. I don't have to be constantly scrambling to figure out what comes next, or trying to get bits of information I forgot to collect weeks ago."

- Brianna Johns De Moll,
Web + Brand Designer

"WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. My systems are working flawlessly and saving me so much time and stress. I have a hard time handing over the reins, but with Shawnee I had complete confidence."


"No more half-baked client experience or workflows. Shawnee will organize that overwhelming mess inside your head and create a workflow that is infinitely more organized!